Secure Sypher FAQ

Q: How does the Connections Online security work with files that are uploaded?
A: Security works the same way that security for other related links work--all based on the security for the page where the link is displayed.

File Permissions Based on Page Security

    • No Access: No access to file, even with the URL
    • Read Access: View and download the file
    • Update Access: Upload new files or edit old files by re-uploading
    • Delete Access: Delete the related link and the associated file
    • Delegate Access: Not Applicable
Q: Can I edit a file when it is open and save it back to the same upload location?
A: Yes. Currently, you will have to upload your edited file as a new Related Link, but then both the new and old links will be pointing to the same file. You can then delete your new link to keep the old one with the original Name and Description fields set. We are working on a way to allow you to upload the edited file directly to the same related link from which it was downloaded.
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